3 Good Reasons to Get Excited About the NEW KINGSTAR 3.0

by | Nov 16, 2016

The latest release of KINGSTAR, version 3.0, will become generally available on November 21. You can read the complete Product Release Notice (PRN) here, but we also wanted to highlight a few of the great features and updates in this release.

  • KINGSTAR is now supported by the latest version of RTX64 3.0 for its real-time operating system (RTOS). That means it can benefit from RTX64 3.0’s support for Windows 10, as well as Tracealyzer for RTX64 – a diagnostics tool from Percepio for viewing monitoring session data.
  • KINGSTAR is also now Windows 10 compliant. More importantly, it can now work with Microsoft’s IoT Enterprise and soon on Microsoft’s IoT Core as well. This means that KINGSTAR can now use Microsoft’s Azure Cloud as a backend, as well as transform Windows 10 IoT into an RTOS.
  • With 3.0, KINGSTAR now scans the EtherCAT fieldbus and provides a list of slave devices found without the need to start the master. To do this, we can scan the devices from the KINGSTAR Software PLC Workbench using OPC UA internal communication. OPC UA is a very secure, open, and reliable mechanism for transferring information between servers and clients.

There is much more to be excited about in KINGSTAR 3.0, including a long list of new features and bug fixes. Get all the details in the Product Release Notice, or get in touch if you have specific questions.

KINGSTAR 3.0 Soft Motion and KINGSTAR EtherCAT are available beginning November 21, 2016 through Partners and by contacting Sales: info@KINGSTAR.com or (781) 209-2810. Evaluation Downloads can also be requested here.

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