Introducing Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

KINGSTAR is pleased to announce that RTX64 3.0 now fully supports Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This is important for several reasons:

Internet of Things (IoT). The latest version of Windows is hands-down the best OS for the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. It provides the best features for integrating with the Microsoft Azure cloud tools for IIoT in general, and Industry 4.0 in particular.
Timing. If you choose the long term services branch, this version of Windows 10 likely has a lifecycle of 10 years. This is the same lifecycle length that many manufacturers see. When you build a machine, you expect to sell it in at least 10 years. As such, RTX64 3.0 has got you covered. It’s the de facto real-time solution until at least 2026.

Deployment. In the industrial automation industry, manufacturers typically skip one Microsoft release. Most shops massively deployed XP, then Windows 7, but skipped Windows 8. Windows 10 will be the next release to see widespread adoption, so it’s critical that it’s fully supported.

Commitment. The Anniversary Update to Windows 10 was released in August. We finished testing its support in September. We’re proud of this incredibly fast turnaround, and believe that it demonstrates our commitment to always giving our customers the latest and most reliable version of Windows support.

Questions about RTX64 or KINGSTAR’s support of Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Get in touch or email us at or call 781-209-2810

Fabrice hat ein tiefes Verständnis der RTX Echtzeit Software und bringt fast zwei Jahrzehnten Erfahrung im Vertriebsbereich und im technischen Bereich der Embedded- und Echtzeit-Systemen mit. Er leitet den Vertrieb, die Entwicklung des Unternehmens und Pflege von Geschäftsbeziehungen und das Channel-Management in der EMEA-Region. Die EMEA Niederlassung befindet sich in Nizza, Frankreich, von der Fabrice das umfangreichste Netzwerk von Vertriebspartnern und Geschäftsentwicklungen verwaltet. Zudem reist er in der gesamten Region um mit Kunden, Partnern und potentiellen Neukunden in den Zielmärkten Kontakt zu pflegen.