Direct Motion Applications Using Real-Time Software-Based Machine Vision

As industries like robotics and manufacturing become increasingly complex, developers require more sophisticated solutions to meet their requirements. Software-based motion control and machine vision have arisen to address these needs. Real-time soft motion and machine vision allow organizations to deliver high quality outputs while reducing the cost of production.

Vision-directed motion control is a process, including capturing, processing, analyzing, displaying and storing images. All of these steps require time to ensure they are effective. In addition, different applications are required for various stages in image production. Leading real-time machine vision applications cover all the required stages, so there is no need for extra installations. This reduces the overall cost of installation as well as easing use and management of the application.

Devices used to capture images vary considerably from different manufacturers. Traditionally, each of these devices came with supporting software to enhance compatibility with the PC in use. With today’s software-based machine vision applications, these multiple installations are no longer necessary. Modern vision processing engines have the capacity to support a wide variety of capture devices and smart cameras.

With machine vision software, organizations save on storage space, improving speed and performance. Using the same application for all of the required processes improves usability and thereby increases production speed considerably. Top machine vision applications are compatible with most available operating systems, further enhancing their utility. Finally, customized applications for machine vision are a great way to improve productivity.

Real-time machine vision streamlines the cost and effort of installation, production and maintenance of your vision-directed motion control applications. With the flexibility and scalability of software, it is embedded with features that reduce your overall cost, speed processes, and improve quality. Software-based machine vision is an ideal way to leverage the benefits of modern motion control.

Jerry has over 25 years of experience developing high performance motion control and vision systems, as well as developing real time software to control automation equipment. Prior to joining IntervalZero, Jerry was the Software Development Manager at Pitney Bowes, where he helped develop very large scale mailing and sorting machines. He was brought there in 1999 to help develop a purely software based motion control system. These systems used custom ethernet based servo amplifiers and could have over eighty servo motors on one machine.