Industrial Automation Software: A Powerful Alternative to Hardware-Based Motion Control


Traditional hardware-based motion control is an expensive and time-consuming affair. With loads of accessories, connection cables, and applications to support the devices in use, the process becomes costly and cumbersome. Industrial automation software offers a powerful alternative. With customizable options, the software approach to motion control provides the user with an interactive, highly productive and cost-effective platform for machine automation with comparable precision performance compared to hardware.

The use of software in place of hardware is a great way to reduce costs. It eliminates unnecessary and expensive hardware purchases like wiring cables and DSP & FPGA boards. With limited hardware, installation and maintenance costs go down as well. This decreases the overall cost of motion control for higher margins and profits on every project.

hardware motion control costs

With technology constantly evolving, the devices required, quality of output and other factors in motion control are evolving at the speed of business as well. In a traditional setting, this would necessitate an overhaul to replace most or all of the hardware in use. This is expensive and may hinder performance. Software upgrades are much easier, more cost-effective, and convenient. With industrial automation software’s ability to support various programming languages, engineers can easily make upgrades with limited cost and effect on the existing hardware. This also applies to the customization of the system to ensure it is compatible with user requirements.

Reduced need for traditional hardware components removes clutter form the working area, too. This not only provides a safer and manageable working environment but makes it easier to manage the existing system as well. Fewer hardware components not only reduce maintenance costs, but ensure streamlined operations that result in faster output, better quality and high production of your motion control projects.

software motion control costs

Industrial automation software makes motion control more efficient, allows for easier customization to meets your desired requirements, and is dramatically more cost-effective than hardware . It is the best option to meet today’s complex requirements for motion control.

Jerry has over 25 years of experience developing high performance motion control and vision systems, as well as developing real time software to control automation equipment. Prior to joining IntervalZero, Jerry was the Software Development Manager at Pitney Bowes, where he helped develop very large scale mailing and sorting machines. He was brought there in 1999 to help develop a purely software based motion control system. These systems used custom ethernet based servo amplifiers and could have over eighty servo motors on one machine.