Product Release Notice: KINGSTAR 3.1.1

General Availability Release Date June 2, 2017

Product Overview

KINGSTAR products are designed for industrial machines requiring motion control and positioning systems. KINGSTAR’s all-software approach sets it apart from other machine control solutions.

Using the EtherCAT standard; the power of Industrial PCs; and the Windows operating system, enhanced by IntervalZero’s RTX64 hard real-time software that transforms Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS), you can create software-only, PC-based machine controllers that lower the costs of industrial machines while delivering excellent precision and performance.

There are two product lines: KINGSTAR Soft Motion and KINGSTAR EtherCAT.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion is a complete software solution that creates PC-based machine controllers with premium precision and performance.

KINGSTAR EtherCAT provides support for CANopen over EtherCAT and simplified configuration of EtherCAT networks.

New Features and Resolved Issues

KINGSTAR Soft Motion

  • Resolves an issue regarding the MC_MoveContinuousRelative function not maintaining the original velocity when in buffer mode. (291)
  • Adds support for overriding velocity, acceleration and jerk for multi-axis setups with the function MC_GroupSetOverride. (244)
  • Resolves an issue regarding CAM failing when built under Windows debug configuration. (285)
  • Resolves an issue regarding the unsupported hardware list not being displayed properly within the ESI Import Tool. (304)
  • Improved the memory usage of the ESI Import Tool. (263)


  • Resolves an issue regarding the KINGSTAR EtherCAT master failing to connect with slave devices. (287)
  • Resolves an issue regarding drives not working correctly when using PDO assignment. (293)
  • Resolves an issue regarding the encoder resolution of OMRON servo drives not being read correctly. (301)
  • Adds and improves default support for the following Servo drives:
    • Festo CMMP-AS-M3 (306)
    • Fuji ALPHA5 Series (322)
    • Newport XPS-RL Series (314)
    • Panasonic Minas A6 Series (308)
    • TQ Systems SDB-40-100 (310)
    • FAULHABER Drive (272)
    • Kollmorgen AKD Drive (309)
  • Adds and improves default support for the following EtherCAT I/O devices:
    • dieEntwickler RapidoScan (305)
    • Leuze bar code scanner BCL 338i (307)
  • Adds and improves default support for the following EtherCAT couplers:
    • Friedrich Lütze LCOS-BC-PN (312)
    • Phoenix Contact IL-EC-BK-PAC (311)
    • Weidmüller UR20-4DI-P (313)
    • Weidmüller UR20-FBC-EC (313)
    • Weidmüller UR67-MP-78-8DIDO-12-60M (313)


Download KINGSTAR 3.1.1 Soft Motion and KINGSTAR EtherCAT beginning June 2, 2017 through Partners and by contacting Sales: or (781) 209-2810. Evaluation Downloads can also be requested here.

We look forward to comments and feedback. If you have any recommendations or wish to suggest any product enhancements, please contact Product Management at:

Terri Hawker heads IntervalZero’s Product Management initiatives and chairs the company’s Development Committee (DevCom), which guides overall product development strategy and approves the roadmap for the company’s flagship hard real-time software products, RTX64 and RTX. Terri establishes the product requirements for each release of RTX64 and RTX by carefully assessing market trends and forces; by considering customers’ product enhancement requests and their product feedback; and by consulting regularly with the customers’ senior leadership as well as sales and R&D executives. She shepherds the feature set through the agile product development process all the way through product delivery from engineering to manufacturing.