Real-Time Motion Control Explained

Real-time motion control can be very challenging, especially when you do not have the right application to use. In fact, it can push you into changing or modifying Windows to deliver the intended results in terms of real-time performance and determinism.

Due to the inconvenience and complexity of using hardware, you need a system that can effectively extend the capabilities of your Windows OS without creating any changes or modifications. One such application is the IntervalZero RTX64 RTOS. This system is designed to facilitate processing in real-time without reliance on virtualization techniques.

Transforming Windows into a Real-Time OS

The real-time operating system (RTOS) by IntervalZero, which is based on its RTX64 software, can effectively replace DSPs and FPGAs, cutting down the costs of development while also enhancing the quality of the systems embedded onto the application. Since the software does not rely on virtualization, there is no latency in accessibility to hardware, which saves a lot of time.

This RTOS platform is designed with impressive features to give it a clear advantage over real-time hardware, including DSPs. Some of these features include x84 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, real-time EtherCAT software and Windows. As a result, users can significantly reduce the costs of developing systems for determinism and real-time processing.

Advantages of Real-Time Motion Control

There are several reasons why most developers are shifting from real-time hardware to software. Using the KINGSTAR RTOS comes with the following benefits:

  • Reduction of production costs by 25-50%
  • Growing market share by opening up markets that were difficult to reach in the past
  • Cuts down the amount of time required in delivering new products into the market

When using IntervalZero’s RTOS, you will also be able to reduce the operational costs in terms of production while also supporting the products by about 20%.

Real-Time motion control software by KINGSTAR is a great tool that can effectively save you from the hassles of using real-time hardware. With the IntervalZero RTOS, you can easily transform Windows into real-time OS quickly and at much lower cost.

Terri Hawker heads IntervalZero’s Product Management initiatives and chairs the company’s Development Committee (DevCom), which guides overall product development strategy and approves the roadmap for the company’s flagship hard real-time software products, RTX64 and RTX. Terri establishes the product requirements for each release of RTX64 and RTX by carefully assessing market trends and forces; by considering customers’ product enhancement requests and their product feedback; and by consulting regularly with the customers’ senior leadership as well as sales and R&D executives. She shepherds the feature set through the agile product development process all the way through product delivery from engineering to manufacturing.