Benefits of Using Motion Control Software

Traditional motion control requires extensive hardware and software installations. This can be an expensive undertaking to acquire all the required appliances. Soft motion software provides a solution to this predicament. Designed to run on a PC, soft motion reduces the cost of running and controlling motion by 25–50%.

As a plug-and-play system, the motion control software easily integrates with different motion management devices from various manufacturers. With this feature, there is no need to install multiple applications to cater for different devices in use. This not only reduces the cost but also reduces the storage space required for the applications. The feature enhances PC speed and ensures better performance.

Using soft motion software increases production. This is through integrated motion libraries and EtherCAT auto-configuration properties. The ability to add 3rd party protocols and open libraries without vendor lock-in further increases the speed of production while giving access to a wider range of resources. Easy access to open libraries ensures the user gains access to a wider range of materials. Soft motion also provides a platform through which the motion products can be shared easily and quickly brought to market. Increased production results in faster ROI and the opportunity to grow the business further as well.

In addition, reduced hardware requirements cut the need for extensive cabling around the workstation. This means a clear and efficient working environment. It also translates to reduced need for configurations that would have otherwise been necessitated by extensive hardware. The reduction of hardware needs also lowers the cost of installation and acquisition to run an effective motion production. Maintenance and upgrade processes are made easier, too, so it is more convenient to use the software.

Modern tools for motion control are now available in software that outperforms the traditional hardware approach. They are reliable, cost-effective and adapt easily with other appliances. Soft motion control helps reduce costs and improve efficiency. This makes it the best solution for any motion production establishment.

Jerry has over 25 years of experience developing high performance motion control and vision systems, as well as developing real time software to control automation equipment. Prior to joining IntervalZero, Jerry was the Software Development Manager at Pitney Bowes, where he helped develop very large scale mailing and sorting machines. He was brought there in 1999 to help develop a purely software based motion control system. These systems used custom ethernet based servo amplifiers and could have over eighty servo motors on one machine.