TM-Robot: A Story of Quanta’s Effort To Transform Internal Automation Into A World-Class, Commercially-Available Collatorative Robot (Cobot)
Quanta Storage, a subsidiary of Quanta Computer, is one of the major suppliers of storage products to leading computer manufacturers like Apple, Dell and other famous brands around the world and is the parent company to Techman Robot or TM Robot. This case study shows you how TM Robot met Industry 4.0 challenges and requirements, and how TM Robot eventually found a solution and built a breakthrough machine automation platform geared towards advancing production facilities from automated (the outcome of the 3rd Industrial Revolution) to become fully-functional smart factories.

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Ethernet-based fieldbus standards have changed the game for machine builders. But with so many protocols competing to be most valuable and viable, how should you decide which to use?

In this white paper, “5 Real-Time, Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses Compared,” we examine five different protocols that claim to offer the best price/performance open standard for real-time Ethernet fieldbuses. Topics covered include:

Criteria for evaluating Ethernet real-time protocols

5 standards compared: Ethernet/IP, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT, PROFINET IRT, & SERCOS III

Evaluation of standards bodies, philosophies, and architectural underpinnings, response time, jitter, data rate, and more

Fieldbus scorecard: which standard wins in price/performance and market acceptance?

Understand your options when it comes to real-time, Ethernet-based fieldbuses. Read the white paper to see how the top five standards stack up.