Why Real-Time Application Processing Is Critical to Your Success

Building IoT / Industry 4.0 apps? How to meet your real-time requirements

What’s the best way to meet your real-time requirements in the new Windows ecosystem for IoT and Industry 4.0?

Find out in this tech brief. You’ll read how adding a real-time deterministic solution to Windows 10 IoT lets you take advantage of the performance and large memory capabilities of today’s systems.

With Windows 10 IoT and an RTOS, you can:

– Add real-time capability to your Windows 10 IoT foundation
– Boost Windows’ performance with software modules like PLCs, motion control and machine vision processing
– Develop real-time solutions that can work across a multiple devices and systems

If you’re building applications for IoT & Industry 4.0, you must have real-time processing that supports you today and in the future. See how to get there in the From Windows to an IoT RTOS tech brief.

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