Replace your PLC with an EtherCAT-enabled Software PLC for Real-Time Motion Control and Machine Vision

From simple machine sequencing to complex process control, KINGSTAR PLC delivers intuitive, UX-driven, real-time application management and deployment at a fraction of the cost.

Gain Complete Management of your Machine Automation Systems with PC-based PLC Software

In a PC-based machine control system, a standard operating system such as Windows support HMI and control software running on a PC platform, either a readily available commercial model or an industry hardened unit. PC architecture allows the system to seamlessly support a variety of third-party I/O, specialty motion control, machine vision, and field networks. This enables complete consolidated control of assembly lines and machinery on the shop floor as well as many other types of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.

Generally available hardware and software PLCs offer a proprietary real-time extension that is limited in both features and support of real-time processing, with no add-on support for motion control and/or machine vision. KINGSTAR provides a fully-featured and integrated software PLC based on an open and accessible RTOS. KINGSTAR PLC also includes add-on or third-party components for motion control and machine vision that are managed by a rich user interface for C++ programmers and non-developers alike.

Get All-in-One Software PLC at a Fraction of the Cost

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from KINGSTAR provide cost-effective, real-time software embedded machine control for high-volume industrial environments. Most other PLC solutions are flawed in navigation design and robustness of feature set, and deliver siloed real-time extensions that are incapable of interacting, executing or porting with third-party systems like motion control or machine vision. They do not provide a rich, intuitive user interface for both programmers and non-developers, and operations like kinematics can’t be developed in the common C++ language, but only using the vendor’s proprietary PLC language.

With KINGSTAR PLC you can:

  • Use your industrial PC as a PLC
  • Turn a conventional Windows PC into a machine control, operation or visualization unit
  • Serve as a traffic cop/hub-and-spoke for all called actions/function blocks (FB)
  • Become a state machine that dispatches tasks to a multitude of operations
  • Ensure performance and determinism is 125 microseconds
  • Benefit from C++ without the complexity
  • Get to market fast and effectively with consolidated and affordable machine control software
Motion Program

Motion Program

Subsystem Variables

Subsystem Variables

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Ladder Logic

Ladder Logic

Create Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programs with a Robust Canvas Toolset

KINGSTAR is a complete industrial software package consisting of soft logic programming tools, a runtime execution engine, and custom development tools for automation control applications. KINGSTAR is an all-in-one, one-stop-shop PLC environment designed to turn any industrial computer into a high performance, yet inexpensive soft logic controller. Users can either choose all of KINGSTAR’s components or “plug-and-play” any of the platform components of their choosing.

The KINGSTAR PLC is comprised of:

  • KINGSTAR PLC – Replaces burdensome hardware PLC solutions with software that runs on the KINGSTAR runtime target system. Monitors and controls the inputs and outputs of all devices connected to the PC with Ethernet cables to produce an accelerated and simplified workflow that improves productivity and reduces operating cost.
  • KINGSTAR Workbench – Allows users to create programmable logic controller (PLC) programs. Includes a sample KINGSTAR program for testing and offers 6 languages for PLC programming:
    • Sequential Function Chart
    • Structured Text
    • Ladder Diagram
    • Function Block Diagram
    • SAMA and IEC 61499 Application
  • KINGSTAR Analysis Console – Support tool to help identify the configuration and network settings of a KINGSTAR runtime target system. Allows for message logging of internal KINGSTAR subsystem behaviors to help solve application and configuration related issues.

Enable Advanced PC-based Control of Industrial Machine Automation

KINGSTAR delivers an EtherCAT-enabled software PLC that allows your PC to handle all motion control, machine vision and industrial machine automation control tasks in real-time. Our Software PLC features include:

  • The need for a Human Machine Interface (HMI) as well as control
  • Advanced data manipulation and advanced math functions
  • Data exchange with business applications (spreadsheets, ERP systems)
  • Management of software motion control and/or vision systems
  • Ability to manage the following tasks/operations as a state machine:
    • Motion
    • EtherCAT I/O
    • Machine Vision
    • Kinematics
    • Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
    • Customized components
  • Communication with serial or networked field devices
  • Storage or access to large amounts of data
  • Open architecture for C/C++ or VisualBasic systems
  • Function Blocks (FB) execute in RTX64 and NOT inside the PLC
  • FB are RTX64 native compiled components
  • FB are extensible using C++ by third-party, OEMs or in-house engineers
  • Third-party components can be developed in RTX64 and added to PLC later
  • Machine programming can be with C++ rather than PLC logic
  • Large number of PID loops (64 or more)
  • Torque support
  • Sanyo Denki RF2 4-axis drive support
  • PLCopen standard support for motion control
    • Axis state
    • Single-axis FB
    • Multi-axis FB
    • ESI import tool
    • Multi-axis coordinated motion
    • E-CAM support
    • Shutdown handler support
  • Online productivity tools to analyze and improve performance of the process
  • Modular footprint
  • Industrial reliability
  • Wide array of I/O modules and system configurations
  • Large memory and fast processing
  • High-level data handling and enterprise connectivity
  • Extensive communications capability, multiple protocols and field networks

Choose KINGSTAR or a PLC from an Industry-Leading Partner

To guarantee that you can transform your industrial PC into the most comprehensive and robust software PLC, you need the freedom and flexibility to find a PLC compatible with KINGSTAR’s RTOS, motion control and machine vision libraries. KINGSTAR has partnered with the world’s leading PLC providers to deliver true “plug-and-play” components and integrations in a seamless single installation.

  • Axel S.r.l. – Enables you to develop industrial applications with easy-to-reuse software components in C/C++ language as library blocks available to the programmer. With their world renowned LogicLab and PLC runtime fully integrated with KINGSTAR you can simplify application design and development, as well as preserve the value of the software you have already produced, and benefit from the skills that your staff has already acquired.


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