KINGSTAR PLC Software for Windows PC


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Option of KINGSTAR Fieldbus. Replace your hardware PLC with an EtherCAT-enabled software PLC.

KINGSTAR provides a fully-featured and integrated software PLC based on an open and accessible RTOS – RTX64 from IntervalZero. KINGSTAR PLC also includes add-on or third-party components for motion control and machine vision that are managed by a rich user interface for C++ programmers and non-developers alike.

KINGSTAR PLC Architecture


  • IEC61131-3 development environment and languages
  • Live debug with breakpoints
  • Real-time trace
  • Easy customization 
    • C++ libraries
    • Graphical libraries
    • Embedded IDE for end-user
  • Incremental compilation and hot download
  • Simulator
  • OPC UA serverKINGSTAR PLC OPC-UA server
  • HMI options
    • Native HMI
    • Third-party HMI
    • QuickHMI by Indi.An Systems GmbH

      QuickHMI is a modern and reliable software for plant and machine visualization, as well as control instrument of automated industrial plants. QuickHMI is based on modern web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript and is well prepared for the requirements of Industry 4.0. If desired, provision of the HMI as a cloud application is also easily possible. 

      See more information at

Graphical User Interfaces

  • Configure EtherCAT network
  • Scan network and map hardware
  • Configure axis and IOs
  • Device matching
PLC configuration

IEC 61131-3 Languages

Support of all IEC 61131-3 programming languages, standard data types, structures, arrays, and user-defined data types. Extensions for system programming in IEC 61131-3, including pointers and macros.


Management of POU object libraries, type definitions, and variables. The project links an unlimited number of libraries, allowing the developer to view and debug the source code (if not protected). Import/Export of single project elements and import of textual source code from other development systems and/or editors is also supported.

Source Code and Encryption

Upload/Download of (potentially encrypted) source code from/to the target system. Encryption of either the whole project or single project elements. Creation of encrypted libraries for distributing the protected code to final customers.

Live Debug

Animation of LD diagrams, with contact/coil highlighting and SFC schemata with active steps highlighting. Display the current value of the variables for all the languages. Watch window that allows the forcing of watch values and supports.

Trigger and Breakpoint

Trigger function which allows to display the value of several variables in a precise execution point on the source code, without stopping the application. An unlimited number of breakpoints is available.

Real-time Trace

Sampling, directly on the target environment, of up to 8 variables in a precise execution point on the source code. Acquired data is then displayed in a graphic which allows zooming, measures and saving to file.

User Interface Customization

Supports the customization of the development environment in order to support specific features of the programmable targets. Chance to insert and manage graphic components (HTML, VB, C++, etc.), script (JavaScript), and data structures in XML format. Interaction with LogicLab through its OLE automation interface.


Generation of optimized machine code for all the supported microprocessors. Generation of multi-tasking code with unlimited tasks. Incremental compilation and code download without the need to restart the application and the target system.

Hot Swap

Incremental compilation and code download without the need to restart the application and the target system.

Embedded Blocks

Direct access to system variables with or without process image. Direct interface with target system’s functions (typically in C code). Data and code allocation.