KINGSTAR Installation Configuration Tutorial

KINGSTAR Tutorials

Listed below are the available KINGSTAR tutorials.

Installing and Configuring KINGSTAR

This tutorial will guide you through the installation of the KINGSTAR Runtime, including the configuration of your network interface and the connection to your EtherCAT slaves. It is important for you to read our Product Editions and Requirements, which provides important information about hardware requirements, network interface cards, EtherCAT slaves, and correct software configuration: Windows, .NET Framework…

After the installation and testing of KINGSTAR Runtime are done, this tutorial will help you install the development environment, in which you can start developing your motion control application.

Using RT/Win32 Motion Functions

This tutorial shows you how to create a KINGSTAR project in Visual Studio and use the RT/Win32 motion functions available from the KINGSTAR SDK. It contains step-by-step instructions and sample code to help you become familiar with the motion control capabilities KINGSTAR provides.

Note: This tutorial applies to KINGSTAR 4.2 and above.