Replace FPGAs & DSPs and Transform Windows Into a Real-Time OS with IntervalZero RTX64

The foundation of the KINGSTAR platform, IntervalZero’s RTX64 software replaces FPGAs and DSPs by transforming Windows into a real-time OS (RTOS), reducing development costs and significantly improving the quality of embedded systems.

Scale Up To 64 Core Systems for Dedicated Real-Time Application Processing

Extend the Windows OS capabilities without altering or modifying Windows to deliver determinism and real-time performance. IntervalZero RTX64 RTOS enables real-time application processing without relying on virtualization approaches, which introduce latency when accessing hardware or complicated inter-process communications schemes.

Replace Costly and Proprietary FPGAs and DSPs at Half the Cost and Time

RTX64 is a key component of the IntervalZero RTOS Platform, the foundation of KINGSTAR. It comprises x86 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, Windows, and real-time EtherCAT software to outperform real-time hardware such as DSPs and dramatically reduce the development costs for systems that require determinism or hard real-time.

  • Reduce the product cost of the compute platform by 25 – 50%
  • Lower the operational costs of producing and supporting product by 10 – 20%
  • Shorten the cycle time of getting new generations of products to market
  • Increase market share by opening new, previously unreachable markets

Use Microsoft Visual Studio as Your Single Integrated Development Environment

Leverage the power of our partner Microsoft’s comprehensive and complete development toolkit to create real-time motion control and machine vision applications in C, C++ and .NET.

  • Maximize development and support productivity
  • Debug real-time process directly in the IDE to improve quality
  • Deliver superior product differentiation with an immersive interface
  • Transform Windows 10 IoT into an RTOS and use Microsoft’s Azure Cloud as a backend for motion control

Drive Scalability for Real-Time Applications

Conduct real-time application processing up to 63 cores on a single PC.

  • Move from a 2-core system to a 64-core system without redesign
  • Scale up with x86/x64 to create next-generation products
  • Gain full control over processor load balancing and up to 128 priorities for thread scheduling

Develop Complex Systems with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Multicore PC Boards

Leverage x86 and x64 multi-core multiprocessor-powered PCs to develop complex hard real-time systems that require a sophisticated user experience.

  • Lower computing costs by 25-50% with standards-based development
  • Double performance every 18 months by staying on x86/x64
  • Achieve continuous performance gains without proprietary hardware

Leverage Pre-tested Components, Drivers, and Applications

With RTX64, you get the most comprehensive and robust set of tested drivers and components so that you can simply focus on building real-time applications. Many core functions are pre-tested and available from third parties or in SDK, so your engineering team can focus on adding intellectual property.

Deliver True Hardware Independence

KINGSTAR and IntervalZero’s cost-effective, software-based RTOS solution removes any need for custom hardware to produce real-time application processing.

  • C/C++ code base
  • Real-time engine could be repurposed for new product moved to a different form factor


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