Machine Automation Software For Industry 4.0

Building a World-class Machine now starts with Smarter Machine Automation Software

With KINGSTAR Machine Automation Software, you can build smarter machine controllers that protects your intellectual property, address your current market needs and delivers on the full promise of Industry 4.0 & IoT.


KINGSTAR is committed to open standards (Windows, RTX64 RTOS, EtherCAT, IEC61131-3, OPC-UA) which protects our customers’ investment and to capitalizing on those standards to free machine builders from dependence on any hardware vendor through features like plug-and-play EtherCAT which enables the customer to optimize their machine controller for any smart factory setting. Using a single industrial PC, you can replace multiple hardware controllers with software-only motion controllers and machine vision quickly and cost-effectively.

Develop your Controller with your Preferred Language

No need to retrain your staff to learn a new language. Your team can create a controller using C, C++, .NET or PLC Languages.


Four Critical Requirements for IoT Controller

A smart machine controller must support this diverse set of features and capabilities to ensure that the machine can play its vital role in a smart factory pyramid.

World Class Businesses Trust KINGSTAR Machine Automation Software to Drive Their Machine Control

Finally, a platform to build smarter machine control yet easily integrate to the business to support current & future Industry 4.0 initiatives to get more done faster while maintaining industry-best security, reliability, and speed.

Get Ready for Industry 4.0 while delivering more Value to the Business faster AND maintaining Control of your Machine

Role Of Machine Automation In IoT and Industry 4.0 Era

World Class manufacturing today requires unprecedented flexibility, precision, and performance throughout the system. This is only achievable by delivering breakthroughs in machine automation while maintaining the highest quality and performance as the system reacts to any changes.

Machine Controller Features in IoT Era

The main goal of Industry 4.0 is to collect and share all automation information generated by every manufacturing component and machine so, collectively, the manufacturing ecosystem or factory performs optimally. Real success is achieved by analyzing this information to discover actionable insights that come in the form of corrective action or operational streamlining, which can be continuously implemented in a smart factory setting to become more competitive.