Supported Hardware

Drives and I/Os

KINGSTAR supports a number of servo drives, stepper drives, EtherCAT I/O modules, and EtherCAT couplers out-of-the-box. You can add additional hardware for devices that are not on our supported list through the KINGSTAR ESI Import tool.


Network Interface Cards (NICs)

KINGSTAR requires a dedicated NIC for EtherCAT communication. This NIC will be configured when you execute the Runtime installation.

Note that not all NICs are suitable for EtherCAT applications with tight PID loops.
We recommend Intel i210/i211 to reduce packet jitter.



KINGSTAR requires a multicore processor, which supports 64-bit Windows 10 and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. At least one core must be dedicated to Windows and at least one core must be dedicated to the KINGSTAR Subsystem. Systems with up to 64 cores are supported. 

For more information, see the Processor Compatibility section in the product Help.