KINGSTAR from IntervalZero outperforms traditional hardware and competing software solutions with better performance at lower cost.

What Makes KINGSTAR Different?

The KINGSTAR Machine Automation Platform is a software-only solution that outperforms hardware and other competing software solutions with precision performance at half the cost. KINGSTAR is an open and standards-based, integrated platform that enables motion control and machine vision engineers to design, develop, and integrate motion control and machine vision applications with KINGSTAR’s Soft Motion library and software PLC. It is built on the foundation of EtherCAT and a real-time 64-bit Windows operating system, and is a complete platform for functional integration.

KINGSTAR, an IntervalZero company, is relentlessly focused on our customers and we share their pursuit of excellence. We strongly believe that continuous investment in our soft motion control and machine vision software technology and in strengthening customer relationships is essential for long-term success.

Like our parent company IntervalZero, KINGSTAR is based in a strong customer-centric philosophy. Combined with more than three decades of embedded software innovation, and the proven value of our KINGSTAR real-time motion control and machine vision software, we have built a global customer base of market-leading OEMs and end users in Industrial Automation, Robotics, Semiconductors, Manufacturing, Textiles, Packaging, Medical Systems and other industries.

Why is PC-Based Motion Control Better than Hardware?

Why Choose KINGSTAR for Industrial Motion Control?

Machine manufacturers have traditionally relied on hardware to deal with motion control. Each piece of disparate hardware, such as motion control cards, vision cards and PLC, comes from a different company and requires unique settings. Configuring those settings, connecting the hardware, and ensuring all devices and components are working together in harmony requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. The more features you demand, the more hardware you need, and the more intricate the deployment effort. This complexity translates to high cost and long-term investments, so it takes longer to get products to market.

Using software instead of hardware lifts the restrictions hardware imposes and simplifies product deployment. KINGSTAR Soft Motion, along with IntervalZero’s RTX64 RTOS and pre-tested and pre-existing motion control algorithms, enables manufacturers to get to market faster by building machine controllers instead of programming a motion control mechanism from scratch. KINGSTAR Soft Motion mimics a hardware motion card at half the price. It allows you to configure motion control settings on your PC, and develop the entire real-time application in Windows.

By combining the power of EtherCAT, KINGSTAR PLC and IntervalZero’s RTX64, the KINGSTAR Machine Automation Platform provides a cost-effective approach that rapidly sets up systems, fulfills real-time motion control, and streamlines deployment for any industrial automation industry.

Questions about KINGSTAR?

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