KINGSTAR Motion Control for Windows PC


Option of KINGSTAR Fieldbus. Design, develop, and integrate motion control applications with a software-only approach to machine automation and machine control.

KINGSTAR Motion provides the most comprehensive set of software-only components. KINGSTAR Motion is a complete software solution that creates PC-based machine controllers with premium precision and performance. Using a single industrial PC enhanced by the power of a real-time operating system (RTOS) for Windows, and leveraging the CAN DS402 and EtherCAT standards, you can deliver a software-only motion control and positioning system quickly and cost-effectively.

KINGSTAR Motion Architecture

Motion Features

  • PLC Open standard libraries
  • CAN Drive Profile
  • Independent Algorithm for each axis
  • Basic Motion – Single-axis Point to Point motion
    • Absolute, relative, jog, and buffer moves
  • Synchronization
    • Caming, gearing, gantry, and group motion such as linear moves, 2D and 3D circular moves, and helical moves
  • Interpolation (Look ahead / Blended motion)
    • Continues velocity between buffer moves with transitions such as corners
  • Tools: Tuning, scope
  • Multiple IDEs for motion control application development

Control Panel

  • Aggregate of KINGSTAR components and tools shortcuts
  • Control system switches and remote access

Configuration Tool

  • Configure KINGSTAR settings
    • Connection settings
    • Axis and IOs settings
    • Test
  • Tune axis 
    • Tweak the PID using KINGSTAR to optimize the control system
    • Step mode
    • T&S Curve mode
    • Constant speed
  • Generate code for KINGSTAR parameters
    • Export all settings you configured and tested in C++ code


  • Record data returned by EtherCAT devices and graphically display it
  • Add the connected hardware that you want to scope to a channel, and record various variables such as position, velocity, torque, following errors, input and output.
  • Add channels to a group and compare them
  • Export data