KINGSTAR Motion Control for Windows PC


Replace your motion control board by software running on a Windows PC. Based on real-time Windows and EtherCAT, KINGSTAR provides all motion control functions you need without any additional hardware. Compared to Motion board solutions, it reduces costs, it’s more flexible and scalable. KINGSTAR Motion support any EtherCAT slave and has been designed for customization.



Motion Features 

  • PLCOpen standard libraries
  • CAN Drive Profile
  • Independent Algorithm for each axis
  • Basic Motion – Single axis Point to Point motion
    • Absolute, relative, jog and buffer moves
  • Synchronization
    • Caming, gearing, gantry and group motion such as linear moves, 2D and 3D circular moves and helical moves
  • Interpolation (Look ahead / Blended motion)
    • Continuous velocity between buffer moves with transitions such as corners
  • Tools: Tuning, scope
  • Multiple IDEs for motion control application development