Hardware vs. Soft Motion Control: Cost & Performance Compared

Get the detailed breakdown of soft motion vs. DSP solutions

OEMs traditionally used DSP-based hardware, plugged into a PC, for motion control. But new software-based solutions have challenged this approach, claiming equal or better performance at lower cost.

How does soft motion really compare to hardware?

In this paper, we break it down component-by-component for a down-to-the-dollar cost and performance comparison. Topics covered include:

Challenges with the traditional hardware approach

How soft motion solves those challenges

Performance comparison: calculations, axis control, adding axes and machine vision

Cost comparison: cable cost and length, ability to scale, necessary hardware

Cost-per-item breakdown showing that soft motion costs 56% less than hardware

Learn how software-based motion control actually compares to hardware with real-life scenarios and real-dollar cost comparisons. If you’re considering soft motion, start here.

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