KINGSTAR System Architecture Deep Dive

Get the full tech specs on our hardware, software, RTOS and more

If you’re evaluating an open and standards-based, fully-integrated, machine automation “plug-and-play” PC-based platform that includes an EtherCAT-enabled PLC, motion control, machine vision, RTOS and third-party components, then you will need all the technical details. This white paper gives you the specs and requirements you need to make the right decision for your machine automation systems.

Topics covered include:

KINGSTAR hardware architecture, including processor, OS, and network requirements

KINGSTAR software architecture and features break-down

RTX64 real-time operating system architecture

KINGSTAR subsystem components, like soft PLC and machine vision

Third-party “plug-and-play” application capabilities

No marketing fluff here: this paper contains the technical information you need to completely understand how KINGSTAR outperforms traditional machine automation hardware.

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