Soft PLC controller Families

Soft PLCs are feature rich and high performance programmable automation controllers (PAC) that offer proprietary PLC functions with benefits of open architectural designs and computer powers. They combine the functions offered by data loggers, communications gateways, PLCs, and embedded computers. Soft PLC controllers are classified as explained below.

Smart soft PLC
Smart soft PLC are ideal for use in applications that range from small to large low I/O count among distributed control systems. Smart soft PLC’s are characterized by 6 serial ports, embedded Ethernet, and a wide selection of I/O interfaces to other vendor I/O through Ethernet, serial, or industrial bus interface such as DeviceNet and Profibus. Internal Allen Bradley DH+ and RIO interfaces in the smart soft PLC controller are offered for a maximum of 2 channels that make an ideal option for upgrading PLC-2, SLC-500, PLC-3, A-B PLC-5 as well as other A-B automation products like RIO networked VFD’s and panelview HMI’s.

Micro soft PLC
Micro soft PLC are ideal for different applications with minimum communication port requirements, low power requirements, low costs, and small physical sizes. Micro soft PLC are excellent RTU, data loggers, and OEM embedded controllers. Local I/O boards are used in low I/O count needs. Applications that require numerous I/O points can use USB, Ethernet or serial I/O. When connected with a cellular modem, the Micro soft PLC offers remote alarming, control, and monitoring at low costs.

Soft PLC handbooks
Soft PLC handbooks are made up of CPU’s that handle different types of applications. They are offered in different models that cater to different application needs in regards to speed, memory, ports, expansion slots, and physical size. This makes them ideal for applications like Ethernet I/O. Soft PLC handbooks support different industrial networks, third party products, and I/O devices.

Soft PLC RTUs are designed for use in outdoor, distributed, and remote installations. They can be equipped with user preferred modem to facilitate cloud based data acquisition, alarming, reporting, and control services. They provide a flexible, powerful, and remote low cost control system with built-in functions like; low power requirements, messaging, hardware specifications, and data logging ideal for outdoor mounted systems.

Embedded, OEM and board level soft PLC
Soft PLC runs on a wide range of computer hardware platforms like the OEM machines, special requirement applications, and small I/O requirements. Moreover, soft PLC runtime software can be adapted to other computers to fit in different use platforms.

Soft PLC controllers are characterized by soft PLC control software; an advanced embedded software technology. As such, all soft PLCs have similar features and functionalities, utilize similar development software and user applications that run on a wide range of controller hardware models.