Superior Motion Control at
Half the Price of Hardware

Hardware motion control is expensive and limiting.

With software-only motion control and machine vision, engineers get the flexibility, automation, quality and performance they need, at half the cost of hardware.

Break Free from Proprietary Hardware with Precision Perfect Software Motion Control

Proprietary hardware compatibility, expensive motion control and machine vision cards, complex cabling configurations – it all makes hardware-based precision motion control and machine vision expensive and unproductive. PC-based machine controllers reduce the clutter and deliver the same customizable precision and performance quickly and cost effectively.

Benefit from Software Motion Control in Every Industrial Automation Industry

The KINGSTAR Platform provides comprehensive, intuitive, software-only machine automation for robotics, semiconductors, manufacturing, textiles, packaging, medical and other industrial automation industries.

Choose Industrial Automation Software that Impresses Engineers and the C-Suite

KINGSTAR’s software-based approach to industrial automation and machine control benefits every level of the organization, from the shop floor to the board room. With industrial-grade software, motion control and machine vision engineers gain flexibility and productivity, while the C-Suite gets better quality and performance at half the cost.

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