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From robotics to semiconductors, KINGSTAR provides industrial automation and control solutions to benefit every industry.

Achieve Precision Positioning Specific to Your Business Needs

KINGSTAR offers a variety of motion control solutions within the robotics, semiconductors, manufacturing, textiles, packaging and medical industries. The comprehensive list of motion command interfaces coupled with the intuitive function libraries allow for diverse applications, including laser cutting, surface mounters, die bonders, chip probers, CNC vertical and horizontal milling, etching, articulated robot arms, pick-and-place movement, PCB handling, conveyors, LED and LCD inspection and sorting.

With KINGSTAR, machine automation manufacturers can benefit from precise positioning and advanced motion and machine vision trajectory control, no matter what your industry.

Robotics / Automated Line

The performance of water-jet cutting machines has room for improvement in the robotics industry. Water-jets need to move very slowly for particular materials and thicknesses, as low as .1 inches per minute. Older generation technology could move this slowly, but the upper range of velocity is limited by the hardware that was needed for low velocity movement.

With KINGSTAR, you can:

  • Eliminate costly custom electronics
  • Select from a variety of off-the-shelf servos and encoders that work seamlessly with KINGSTAR
  • Increase speed for boosted throughput and greater revenue
  • Read process sensors at the same rate as the servos, improving process
  • Enable cameras to adjust machine position on-the-fly to reduce setup time and increase throughput due to machine vision direction motion
  • Run conveyors 2-10 times faster and process more parts, as the machine can adjust in lock step with a constantly moving conveyor


The semiconductor industry consists of station-based production lines. Stations can and are stopped for maintenance separately. Typically custom hardware is required for performing specific tasks, and there are a large number of devices required for conducting these tasks that cannot all be fitted into a single controller with hardware cards.

With the KINGSTAR solution:

  • All I/Os and servos are connected through EtherCAT, allowing scalability without any space requirement on the controller
  • Stations can be maintained independently using the redundancy feature
  • Each station can be controlled by a separate program in the controller allowing to mix and match the stations
  • All control programs run in real-time with the same EtherCAT bus so they are synchronized
  • Custom hardware can be ported to EtherCAT simply by adding the ET1200 chip

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