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Win from the Shop Floor to the Board Room
with Software Motion Control and Machine Vision

With KINGSTAR, engineers and technology executives win.

End users gain the flexibility and scalability of a fully automated and consolidated PC-based software solution, while executives get affordable, quality precision motion control and machine vision positioning that boosts the bottom line.

Software Motion Control For Engineers

More Flexibility, Scalability, and Control

Software motion control and machine vision empowers engineers with flexibility and scalability when developing machine automated systems. Engineers can abstract away the physical hardware layer and let a motion control and machine vision application be ported transparently across hardware targets, becoming hardware independent with high-precision positioning performance in half the time.

A software motion control approach to industrial automation and control enables engineers and developers to…


  • New levels of productivity with hardware independence and full customization
  • A reduction of potential failure points and boost performance with simpler installation compared to traditional servo systems
  • Performance not available from standard PLC platforms
  • Improved design while leveraging modern programming techniques


  • A multitude of axes simultaneously
  • Pre-tested, pre-existing motion control algorithms to build a machine controller rather than add your own motion control, if so desired
  • The best attributes of step-motor machines with servo control to get a less expensive, better performing motion control system
  • All the services, functions, communication, IP and software infrastructure provided by hardware vendors
  • Auto-tuning tools like the KINGSTAR Tuning Console to automatically or manually execute torque and frequency calculations for perfect precision positioning


  • Custom software applications by inserting your own technology and ingenuity at any level or entry point you desire
  • With the KINGSTAR Soft Motion library of existing function blocks that can translate C++ code into a function block
  • The underlying routines from servo to kinematic algorithms to file, operator and network interfaces, while being able to use standard algorithms wherever appropriate
  • Write, download and execute custom C/C++ algorithms for different tasks, independently choosing whether to use provided or custom algorithms


  • Full machine motion control and machine vision apps on an embedded PC running under a real-time Windows-based operating system
  • The real-time, deterministic processing required for precise motion with IntervalZero’s RTX64 in a closed loop that uses EtherCAT to communicate with servos
  • The intelligence for motion control or machine vision in the drive but send commands to the drive through the software
  • The transformation of motion control from mechanical to electrical domain to reduce cost and improve machine reliability by injecting intelligence inside the drive
Software Motion Control for Executives

Peak Performance at Half the Time and Cost

Every business that delivers product wants the same thing: to build the highest quality product, with the greatest operational efficiency, to maximize profits. Getting to market quickly and cost effectively is critical – but so is relentless quality control.

The KINGSTAR Machine Automation Platform turns this dream into reality. While engineers benefit from soft motion on the floor, the C-suite sees the business benefits that drive profits and differentiation.

With KINGSTAR, executives can…

Streamline operations:

  • Reduce machine control hardware costs by 25-50%
    • No need to pay per axis
    • Runtime can run up to 64 axis if time allocation allows
  • Eliminate hardware inventory and motion board replacement issues
  • Dramatically lower machine cabling costs
  • Reduce manufacturing, support and maintenance costs
  • Shorten time to react to market changes and opportunities
  • Eliminate hardware vendor lock-in (IPC, Motion Card, I/O, Servos)


  • Increase precision performance while reducing costs
  • Improve machine performance and control
  • Improve operator and machine productivity
  • Assemble best-of-breed components at lowest cost

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