Visit us at SPS IPC Drives 2023 (Nuremberg, November 14-16)

SPS IPC Drives 2023 Nuremberg

Visit us at SPS IPC Drives 2023 (Nuremberg, November 14-16)

Hall 5 – Stand 111

This year, IntervalZero presents our Real-Time platform (RTX64) and Machine Automation software platform (KINGSTAR).

KINGSTAR is committed to open standards (Windows 64 Bits, RTX64 RTOS, EtherCAT, IEC61131-3, OPC-UA) which protect our customers’ investments and capitalize on those standards to free machine builders from dependence on any hardware vendor. This is done through features like plug-and-play EtherCAT, which enables the customer to optimize their machine controller for any smart factory setting.

Using a single industrial PC, you can replace multiple hardware controllers with software-only motion controllers and machine vision quickly and cost-effectively.

KINGSTAR has been architected to allow developers to select only the functionalities they need for the scope of their project and to quickly assemble the system by relying on its plug-and-play capability.

KINGSTAR is based on KINGSTAR Fieldbus powered by EtherCAT – EtherCAT Master stack and tools for Windows with the following optional features:

  • KINGSTAR Motion – PLC Open Motion control libraries (PTP, Synchronization, Blending…) and tools
  • KINGSTAR PLC – Software PLC
  • KINGSTAR Vision – Real-time GigE Vision solution

For more information, visit for the Real-time platform and for the machine automation software platform.

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