Webinar: Simplifying Machine Controller Integration

Simplifying Machine Controller Integration: A case study of a feeder system with EtherCAT, Vision and IoT Functionality

A July 22nd Electronic Design-hosted live webinar sponsored by KINGSTAR: An IntervalZero Company

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sponsor: KINGSTAR: An IntervalZero Company
Duration: 30 Minutes

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One of the biggest challenges for machine builders in the IoT-era is the demand for seamless, practically plug-n-play integration of multiple machine controllers. Industrial equipment can no longer operate as an island of automation but rather must plug into a line of automation just as COBOTS often do now for feeding and removing pieces from a CNC system. If a machine builder does not provide a platform that offers simplified integration and provide the ability to easily include emerging technologies like EtherCAT, Machine Vision or IoT, then they risk being at a competitive disadvantage from those companies that are embracing these forward looking technologies.

Presented by Jerry Leitz, Director of Field Engineering, the goal of this webinar is to provide a step-by-step, real-world example for how to create a modular, machine automation software platform that simplifies machine controller integration. The webinar will focus on architecting a typical machine controller with part feeder and removal systems and that supports machine vision. In doing so, the case study will demonstrate how a modular, machine automation software approach dramatically simplifies the process of integrating multiple controllers of all types- this webinar just happens to use machine vision. Additionally, the webinar will introduce EtherCAT, machine vision and IoT functionality, which are driving breakthroughs in machine performance, quality, and scalability.

At the end of the video, you will understand:

  1. How the best practices for simplifying machine control integration with machine automation software can lead to better scalability and improved quality
  2. How EtherCAT, Machine Vision or IoT can play an important role in creating competitive advantage for a machine builder
  3. How to add a vision system in order to provide fiducial mark recognition or raw material detection for much better accuracy
  4. How to address the demands for continuous vision operations and how machine vision can now replace sensors for better quality
  5. How different systems can benefit from adding accessories to the input or output of a machine
  6. How to consolidate several controllers to a single industrial PC
  7. How the machine controller can serve as the Smart IoT edge device too
  8. How to get quick results with the Smart IoT without the cloud as a first step


Jerry Leitz, Director Field Engineering, Motion Control, IntervalZero

Jerry has over 25 years of experience developing high performance motion control and vision systems, as well as developing real time software to control automation equipment.

Prior to joining IntervalZero, Jerry was the Software Development Manager at Pitney Bowes, where he helped develop very large scale mailing and sorting machines for industries like health insurance and credit cards. He was brought there in 1999 to help develop a purely software based motion control system. These systems used custom Ethernet based servo amplifiers and could have over eighty servo motors on one machine.